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  • No. A basic ‘Talent’ post in 'Talent List' for jobseekers is absolutely free. Test the waters with a free trial post to see how CasGig works for you. If you would like a detailed profile post with experience, skills, cv, cover letter, portfolio, education, training etc... featured in 'Browse Talent' above, please go to 'Post Talent' at top of page or follow LINK and select a package that works for you. 
  • Three simple steps - LOGIN/SIGN UP above, UPLOAD details & go LIVE.
  • ‘LOGIN’ to your account, ‘SEARCH’ jobs and ‘APPLY’ directly. Submit your details include any additional info and chat online with multiple employers.
  • ‘LOGIN’ to your account, view job applications and ‘Respond’ directly to employers emails. Discuss details with multiple employers.
  • No, there are no on-going contracts. Once your current post has expired, you may choose to re-post if you wish.

  • Simply go to 'BROWSE GIGS' at top of page or follow LINK to view all current available positions within your industry.


  • No. CasGig is absolutely free to browse and chat directly with talent. Simply LOGIN/SIGN UP as an employer, SEARCH talent and CONTACT talent directly.
  • All Employers receive a complimentary company profile in 'Employer List' below, permitting access to talent whilst featuring a some brief background information about your business. All paid job listings run for a period of 30 or 60 days (with options) and are featured in 'BROWSE GIGS' above. Check out pricing and inclusions LINK.
  • Three simple steps - LOGIN/SIGN UP, UPLOAD details & go LIVE. Just follow LINK.
  • ‘LOGIN’ to your account, ‘SEARCH’ applications and ‘RESPOND’ to candidates direct email. Chat online with multiple employees LINK.
  • No, there are no ongoing contracts. You only pay for the number of job posts selected and paid. Job packages are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and may be posted as needed within that period.
  • As many as you like! Whilst you’re logged in, you may chat with numerous candidates till you find the perfect fit for your company/gig.
  • No! You absolutely do NOT pay anything extra and there are NO commission fees. It’s up to you who and how you hire, we don’t get involved in your hiring process.


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    Advice: Keep a copy of all job/talent applications, conversations and any form of communication you submit/receive.

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  • Just let us know if you have any questions regarding our terms via LINK.


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